Does Love Exist?

A documentary about love in the age of the economic crisis & social media

Case Study

Lacta chocolate has been a symbol of love for generations of consumers in Greece. But in recent years, due to the economic crisis, priorities have started to shift for young Greeks. Instead of searching for true love, they focus first on pursuing a career. At the same time, Social Media have forever altered the way people flirt.

In an age when people don't believe in the value of love, Lacta chose to address the issue in an hour-long documentary that aired as a prime time TV special, on the eve of Valentine's day.

An actor, famous for his leading roles in love stories, sets out on a quest, to talk with young people and discover how important love is for them.

The Documentary

The documentary managed to attract more than 17% viewer share during prime time and to become the number #1 trending top on twitter in Greece for the day. When the complete documentary was posted on Facebook, it started an ongoing discussion, with many people commenting on how much it made them reevaluate their priorities and their stance towards love.

Proving that love does exist and is on everyone's mind, ready to come alive when a brand reminds them of its importance.